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Interior waterproofing company for foundation repair and basement waterproofing solutions. 905-403-0545 or toll free in southern Ontario  1888-301-3337 Homepros waterproofing Repair Contractors for leaking Basements in Toronto GTA Mississauga and surrounding areas. Cost of basement waterproofing in Canada.

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This has been an on/off winter in Ontario, warm one day - freezing temperatures the next. When water falls and then freezes continuously eventually it gets in to existing cracks in the interior (basement foundation) .It  then freezes and expands causing a separation in the wall of the foundation allowing (water) to seep in and cause basement leaks and water damage. That is where professsional waterproofing contractors come in. Another culprit is those basement weeping tiles getting old and plugged with sand and dirt . .Once that happens their is no where for the excess water to go except into your basement causing more headaches and damage to your residential home. Let our leak contractors  fix your leaking basement for good by using our basement waterproofing procedure.  905 403 0510  Our Ontario contractors do foundation repair, basements crawl spaces. and basement crack repairs.

We service interior basements in these Ontario areas below. Our waterproofing products are used all across Canada and U.S. Call us today for cost nof waterproofing a basement.

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  Basements are one of the most critical areas of construction .


Failures in the waterproofing system can be disastrous and expensive to repair. Waterproofing has to be carried out by specialist professionals with many years of experience to ensure a trouble free contract.

Interior waterproofing should be carried out by qualified experienced contractors homepros waterproofing uses the best and most suitable system available for each inside basement project. You cannot afford mediocre quality when dealing with waterproofing. You want experienced waterproofing professionals install your waterproofing system.
Homepros basement waterproofing systems are the most reliable form of waterproofing. In fact, they are called upon to waterproof all forms of basements from small domestic to massive commercial including new build basements and failed waterproofing with leaks.


Ajax Newcastle Brampton North York Brantford Oakville Burlington Pickering Caledon Port Hope East York Richmond hill Etobicoke Scarborough Georgetown Thornhill Maple Toronto Markham Unionville Milton Vaughan Mississauga Whitby Newmarket woodbridge Newcastle
MISSISSAUGA, OAKVILLE, BURLINGTON, HAMILTON, LONDON, STONEY CREEK, ST. CATHERINES, NIAGARA FALLS, WATERLOO, KITCHENER, ANCASTER, DUNDAS, WATERDOWN, CARLISLE, FREELTON, GRIMSBY, GEORGETOWN, BRAMPTON, 905 AREAS, 416 today for no dig waterproofing. We can save your outside landscaping by waterproofing you foundation walls and cracks inside your basement. Our waterproofing product is used world wide. see below. Waterproofing in these areas:
Whatever the problem,homepros have materials and techniques to complete any form of waterproofing including New new basements, Cellar conversions and remediation of flooding and failed tanking, roofs and failed roof systems and new roof design and install. 

We are a specialized waterproofing (company) that provides advanced waterproofing systems for concrete problems in Canada.


Whether a poured or block concrete foundation, cold room,underground parking garage, interior elevator shaft in an apartment building or a commercial,industrial application,rest assured the professionals from Waterproof Masters will provide the most immediate and cost effective waterproofing solution available in Ontario.


Homepros Waterproof Masters revolutionary “SELF HEALING-NO DIGGING“ technology is the most advanced waterproofing  process available for enterior crack repair and waterproofing foundations from the inside.

Our process becomes a permanent part of the concrete structure, which will continue to grow with
the presence of moisture for the life of the concrete.


On exterior waterproofing projects we waterproof the walls with our patent pending 
“7 LAYER“ process,ensuring ultimate waterproofing protection.

Camera inspection of weeping system are also provided.


 The end result,a impenetrable barrier,that will alleviate any further water damage inside.

 Homepros leading member Waterproof Masters is a full service waterproofing company  based in Mississauga, servicing the GTA Etobicoke Toronto Oakville Burlingtion Milton and surrounding communities.


We are dedicated to providing the most advanced waterproofing solutions in concrete construction, providing cost saving solutions to property managers,concrete producers, builders, designers and Canadian home owners.


Specializing in waterproofing, repairing cracks, leaks and the restoration of concrete for the residential commercial and industrial markets.


Our goal is to prevent the deterioration of concrete,in cases of existing leaks or cracks, by treating the root cause of the problem to prevent further damage.


Waterproof Masters believe that failure is not an option, our fully certified technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, respectful and are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality  of service.


Our main goal is satisfying our customers and earning their referrals . This is what makes and keeps us successful in our business.


We are committed to the health an well being of our customers, you are our number one priority!


Best of all, on interior jobs, there is "no excavating" required on the exterior that may otherwise disturb costly walkway interlocking, or well-established trees, shrubs or hedges.

Our products are environmentally-friendly, supporting sustainable development and a healthier environment.


We offer a 20 year warranty guarantee on our workmanship and waterproofing products.


Waterproof Masters is fully insured, covered under WSIB and will provide references upon request.

 Our  (crystalline waterproofing material) is non toxic and is used as a surface coating and the cost is reasonable. 


All the products are environmentally-friendly, containing no poison or odors.

It is a permanent, revolutionary waterproofing solution for concrete structures.


Crystalline waterproofing is targeted at protecting architectural structures, preventing the concrete from being carbonized and the reinforcing steel bars from being rusted and eroded as a result of water intrusion, chloride penetration, corrosion and freezing and thawing, prolonging the useful life of structures and reducing repairs and maintenance costs.

Our  crystalline waterproofing products can be used to stop the active flow of incoming water.

While traditional techniques treat only the surface of the concrete, are costly and don’t last indefinitely, our systems provides a permanent solution.


Unlike epoxy or urethane injections, our crystalline waterproofing process cannot crack, tear, separate or fail do to movement. The process will continue to grow deep inside the concrete with the presence of water or moisture. Once inside the structure the crystalline becomes a permanent part of the concrete, filling the pours of the concrete with crystalline.
The  cementitious crystalline waterproof mixture prevents leaks and permeation to engineering structures by adhering to the concrete as an integral part of the structure using crystalline to block pores as well as, achieving self-rehabilitation.

 Basement waterproofing company  based in Mississauga, servicing the GTA Etobicoke Toronto Oakville Burlingtion Milton and surrounding communities.


  In the presence of water in the basement, the components which make the concrete  triggers a chemical reaction under the catalyst of active substances and reproduces crystalline along the cracks, which blocks the passages of water, inhibiting the water leakage and achieving waterproofing/anti-corrosion properties.

The active substance contained in the crystalline is successfully able to permeate into the cracks and pores in concrete.

Application is simple and convenient with easy technical operation for all interior basement sealing.

 The curing time is 24 hours.


The  chemicals penetrate into the the capillary tracts of the concrete.

The active ingredients of the products  reacts with various concrete minerals forming insoluble crystals which fill out cracks, and pores.


This crystalline growth will eventually take place deep inside the concrete structure.
Water and other chemicals are no longer able to pass through the concrete. However, air can still pass allowing the concrete to breathe and avoiding vapor pressure to build. In the absence of further moisture, the products components lie dormant.

Should moisture recur at any time, the sealing process resumes automatically and advances ever deeper into the concrete, continuously sealing itself.

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 Crystalline waterproofing  is applicable to the following engineering/architectural projects in preventing leaks and corrosion at the surface of facing water and the surface of backing water such as the following:
Underground tunnels
Subway and railway tunnels
Commercial and residential foundations,
Parking garages and decks
Bridges ,traffic bearing structures
Sewage treatment facilities
Reservoirs, wells
Elevator shafts
Hydroelectric power stations, nuclear plants, etc.
National defense facilities (e.g. military cavity)
Structures such as pools, waterfalls and ponds
Kitchens and bathroom ,walls, concrete roofs

The diversity of use of the crystalline  family of waterproofing products in the last several years has been significant.

Around the world, from subway stations to swimming pools; from bridge structures to every kind of foundation and basement ;from power stations to water treatment plants, and much more, it’s a long, exciting, and constantly evolving list.

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 The Average Cost of Waterproofing a Basement

Determining the cost to waterproof a basement can be a tricky process. A number of aspects need to be evaluated to learn the cause of any water problems. After the source of the water problem is located, you can determine the proper treatment and its cost.

Factors to Evaluate

    • Basement moisture can be the result of condensation, seepage or leaks. Condensation, which is caused by poor ventilation, results in damp walls and pipes. Seepage, due to insufficient outside drainage, can range from damp areas to significant water puddling, depending on the amount of rainfall or water saturating the soil. Leaks resulting from cracks in the floor or foundation walls also lead to puddles or standing water after rainfall.



Warnings 101

Because basement water problems can run the gamut from mild moisture to major flooding, it is important to find the cause of the problem before attempting any solution. If professional help is necessary, get several quotes and, if possible, referrals from friends or relatives before hiring a contractor. Also call several of contractor's references from the past year.